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Komandor 2.0 is the new heart of the home universe. This revolutionary device replaces a TV set, a DVD player and a computer in the living room.

Komandor 2.0 knows the family members by sight. It remembers their ways and preferences. With its help, the family watches films and TV, listens to music, reads news, checks weather and mail, orders food and buys groceries, does sports, talks to friends and more of the usual and not-so-usual things.

Today’s computer came into living rooms from the business environment where it served for many years as a personal assistant. Needless to say, after its transition to homes it remained personal.

However, business environment is very different from home, where people do things together, and a conventional personal computer isn’t much of a helper.

When several people are at the computer, someone still has exclusive control over it. He or she usually sits half-turned away from the screen and presses the buttons, while everyone else watches.

Personal computer at home is a small bit of the office. For other needs, a special multi-user computer is needed. And Komandor is there to claim the place.

Komandor 2.0 works on cutting-edge technologies, a new ecosystem for businesses, personalization, multi-user architecture and contextual advertising.


The bureau has taken the ideas behind the first Komandor’s controls to a more ideal level. The remote control is no more. Enter gestures.

The interface is based on five gestures:


Since Komandor 2.0 sees and recognizes people, it understands who is looking at it and who is waving hands. Accidental gestures won’t be read as commands – Komandor only responds to gestures from people looking at the screen.

The gesture-detecting camera and depth sensor are behind the logo in the center.

Users input text by writing on the screen and speaking:

Komandor only
recognizes spoken text
in speech mode,
to avoid accidental


Komandor 2.0 is more than a device with great user interface. It creates a new ecosystem for traditional offline business. Entrepreneurs offer goods directly to those in charge of the house.

Ordering food Shopping in the supermarket


The longer Komandor 2.0 lives in the family, the more it knows the family in person. It remembers its users, tracks their preferences and uses the data to deliver exactly what they would be interested in.


Komandor 2.0 knows its users really well, so its advertising is more relevant, thus – more desirable.

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All you need – at the wave of your hand:

About the project

Komandor 2.0 is a concept of efficient system designed at Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau. We integrated the scenarios of family life with business. Put together, they are capable of transforming the futuristic concept of a home computer into a real household product. Left behind the scenes is the navigation system and nuances of gesture-based controls designed for the product.

Home computing is one of the bureau’s key interests. Our research will continue.

Art directed and designed by Artem Gorbunov

Led and designed by Nikolay Toverovskiy

Designed by Maxim Tkachuk, Alexander Kan, Valeriy Popov, Dmitriy Sukhachev

Brought to life with Javascript by Artem Polikarpov