Park Reader’s Identity
class:t_product; company: Ya rastu;
Ya Rastu’s identity, packaging and website
class:t_product; company: One Two Trip;
One Two Trip’s identity and user interface concept
class:t_product; company:Bureau;
Komandor 2.0. The heart of the home universe
class:t_product; company: ;
Sistema Kadry’s logo
class:t_product; company: Action;
Sistema Kadry’s user interface
class:t_product; company: ;
Sistema Kadry’s wizards
class:t_visualization; company: Ya Rastu;
Ya Rastu’s promotional materials
class:t_product; company: ;
Getwear jeans designer
class:t_product; company: Getwear;
Getwear online store
class:t_product; company: ;
Getwear jeans
class:t_product; company:;
class:t_visualization; company: ;
class:t_visualization; company: Bureau;
class:t_visualization; company:;
class:t_sites; company:;
Envy logo
class:t_sites; company:Envy;
Envy website
class:t_sites; company:;

Interface is evil.

  • Service and product design
  • Websites and intranets
  • Human interfaces of software and electronic devices
  • Wayfinding
  • Information visualization

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